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Dental Tourism

What is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism is a new phenomenon where patients, mainly from Europe, North America and Australia, travel abroad for dental treatment. This trend started as a response to the increasingly high costs of healthcare and long waiting lists facing patients in many Western countries.

We are leaders in dental tourism in Punjab, India situated only 40 minutes by air from India's capital, New Delhi.

We offer trained dental experts, world class facilities, latest dental technology, and help with special packages for our international patients. If you are a NRI visiting your family in India, we provide world class dental treatment for NRIs all over Punjab.



Dental Tourism India

India is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for dental tourism in the world. Thousands of people from USA, Europe and other parts of the world fly to India every year seeking dental treatment. Though tourists attach a variety of reasons for their travel, the major indicator is the cost for dental implants and dental surgery, which is generally cheap in India.

Irrespective of recession and slump downs in the market, many people still travel to India for various dental treatments. Among many reasons, the major one could be the cost and dental insurance. In U.S, only 50% of the total population has dental insurance. Even those with comprehensive medical packages do not a have dental coverage.

Apart from the low dental insurance coverage, cost of the dental treatments is also extremely high in these western countries. For instance, a patient requiring root canal treatment might cost up to $600 and a tooth crowning may cost around $40000. However, same procedures cost around $35-125 in India.



Cost Comparison USA/UK and INDIA

Listed below is the cost comparison of dental treatment between USA and India. The figures are indicative and might vary as you approach your dental tourism provider.
Dental procedure Cost in USA & UK ($) Cost in India ($)
General Dentist Top End Dentist Top End Dentist
Smile designing - 8,000 1,000*
Metal Free Bridge - 5,500 500*
Dental Implants - 3,500 800*
Porcelain Metal Bridge 1,800 3,000 300*
Porcelain Metal Crown 600 1,000 80*
Tooth impactions 500 2,000 100*
Root canal Treatment 600 1,000 100*
Tooth whitening 350 800 110*
Tooth colored composite fillings 200 500 25*
Tooth cleaning 100 300 75*


If you are considering having dental work done, we certainly hope you will consider a visit to India. The savings you may enjoy might end up paying for a very nice vacation. India dental implants are considerably less expensive, as are most other dental surgery procedures, materials and treatments in India.

Please contact us to setup a consulation.





How much will I save if I have a dental procedure in India?

That depends on the type of dental procedure you choose but the price level in India is very favorable with cost savings upto 80% compared to prices in the UK and the US. This will enable you to enjoy recuperation on an amazing beach or a short holiday in addition to your surgery and still return home with a significant cost saving.


Do you have any branches in other countries?

We currently do not have any dental offices in other countries outside of India.


Why go to another country for dental services?

The main reason for going abroad for medical services is access to world class dental care. Furthermore, the favorable price level makes dental care of the highest international standards available to everyone. However, price should not be considered the main factor in deciding to have surgery abroad. Having dental surgery abroad is without a doubt a big decision and therefore the quality of care should be the most important factor to consider. Here are some advantages of dental treatment in India.

  • Access to state of the art medical facilities
  • English speaking medical staff
  • Significant savings for healthcare
  • No waiting times to be treated
  • High quality level of service


Will I be able to speak with the Dental surgeon prior to departure?

Yes, absolutely! If you have any questions for the dental surgeon we will be happy to help you. When you have requested us to put together packages for you we will facilitate a pre-departure consultation with your surgeon.


What should I tell my dentist?

We encourage our patients to discuss their plans with their primary physician/dentist. While most physicians are familiar with the concept of medical tourism, it may be necessary for you to help educate them further on the proposition and share some of our educational materials. It is not uncommon for a physician's initial reaction to be skeptical, although we find that doctors generally become more receptive to the idea once they look into the actual hospitals, physician credentials and overall price differential.


Do you have access to the latest technology and medical devices?

Our clinic has state-of-the-art facilities and all the latest equipment you would find in Western clinics.


Why does medical care cost so much less abroad?

Patients can receive expert dental care for 60-80% less cost at our clinic. Fees in the U.S. are driven by labor overhead, administrative expenses, and insurance contracts. Over 71 percent of medical costs are labor related according to a recent World Health Organization report which helps to explain some of the cost advantages for countries with low labor costs. We eliminates these burdens allowing us to offer premier services at prices unavailable in the U.S. Quality has always been our primary concern. Our continued success depends entirely upon our reputation for world-class dental services.


What language do you speak at the clinic?

All dentists and other staff at our clinic speak English fluently.


Will I need a Passport and Visa?

Yes you will definitely need a valid passport and a visa. You can learn more about the process at our website.


How many days after the dental surgery can I stay?

Patients can stay as long as they like after their treatment is complete. Many choose to travel around their destination country and tour the major sites after their medical treatment. Your medical quote will indicate the minimum number of days you need for recuperation before you fly home when they send your treatment quote. This duration may vary depending on your treatment and recovery.


Who else goes to India for Dental Treatment?

We get numerous patients from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, middle east & many other countries.


Is the Hygiene and Sterilization up to world standards?

We use world class sterlization technology and techniques.


How do I know what I need to have done if I haven't been to a dentist in many years?

There are two ways to do this: you can of course go to a Dentist in your country and get a full check up and get a Quote as some of our clients do, or a lot of clients have already been to a dentist and got the shock of the quote so they already know what procedures they need to have done

Then there is the highest percentage of our clients who just do it all over in India on there first visit to the our Dental Clinic as you will need a full check up on your first visit anyway, Including X Rays, Clean and Scale, Full Check up as you would do here.


What is the best format for Medical Reports?

The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard is most preferred format for the Medical Reports. You may upload your lab reports in PDF or JPEG format.


I need more information which is specific to me before I make any decisions?

Obviously, you will have a good idea of the Dental work that you require before considering having major work performed overseas but we do insist on a Consultation before you book your Dental vacation.


How will I get to India?

You can fly into New Delhi (airport code DEL) from all the major cities throughout the world.


Where will I stay?

It really depends on you. We can help with a wide selection of accommodation ranging from basic (3 star) up to luxurious (5 star) if you need help with your stay. We provide a list of local hotels that are close to our clinic.


How long will I have to stay in India for?

Again, this depends on what treatment you require but everything will come clear once you have had your consultation but it could range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. We can tell you the number of days you will need to spend in India for dental treatment before you make your travel plans.


How much notice do I have to give for an appointment and travel planning?

There is a lot of planning that goes into your trip, so as much notice as you can give is helpful. Always speak to us to discuss your requirements before doing anything. We appreciate that some of our clients will require emergency treatment & we will do our best to get you seen as soon as possible.


How do I know if my dental procedures will be completed in the time limit I have?

During our treatment planning, we take into account your travel time and are aware of how long your stay is in the country and we will have a timeline for completion of your procedures already planned out before you reach India. We will reserve the time for you to ensure timely completion of dental procedures.

As our client you will receive High Priority, and we will discuss the procedures you are most interested in having done then advise you on how long you will need to stay to have these completed.


Do your dental packages include the flight as well?
No, as we offer our services on a very individual basis it is impossible for us to include flights in the packages due to airline ticket policies. However, at your convenience we will assist you in finding the best flight or even easier.


Can I bring my partner or even travel with my family?
Of course you can! All our dental tour services can be extended for your company at a small surcharge. We are also happy to work out special arrangements if you travel with more then two persons, for instance with your family. Kids and pets are also welcome. Please ask for details when you inquire.


How can I contact you?
You can call us directly. If you have a general or business inquiry you can also email us.


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